How to renew/reset your Terminal Services license (Remote Desktop)

Good tip of you're having connection issues!

Note: You will need write permission to the following registry key:


This procedure will reset the terminal license used to connect to any
Microsoft Terminal Server from your machine. Essentially,  this means
your machine will appear "new" to remote servers you connect to.
A new license on the "other end" will then be automatically issued.

1. Download this file.

2. Unzip the file onto your desktop.

3. Double click the renew_license.reg file.

4. Answer yes to "Are you sure you want to add ... to the registry?"


Note: If you are squeamish about adding stuff to your registry, this is what the file contains:



Note about permissions: A user running mstsc.exe will also need
write  permissions to the registry keys above upon
establishing the next connection to recreate the two keys.

In later Windows versions, (Vista, 7, 8, ...) you may need to run
mstsc.exe as administrator the first time for the same reason.

If it's not working, try to delete they keys above manually.

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